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Interior Plantscaping Design
First, we will visit your business or home, assessing your lighting, space, indoor temperature, décor (furniture, color, theme, traffic patterns, etc.) and discuss any special interests or concerns you may have. Then, we will bring full color catalogs for you to review the wide variety of plants, decorative containers and other products we offer. Finally, we will provide you with a free no obligation quote on the plants, containers and services which are best suited for your location.

We will deliver and install all your plants and containers which include the plants being set up with liners, moss, self-watering systems and any other staging materials as necessary. We will also ensure that the plants are safe and secure in their new locations.

Guaranteed Weekly Plant Maintenance
For a monthly fee, we will visit your location on a weekly basis to water, fertilize, dust, prune/trim, shine and provide pest control if needed for all your plants. We will also clean up dead leafs and any debris around the plants as well as replace any rental plants which have lost their decorative value with a new plant (either the same or of like value) per the terms of your service agreement.

Rental and/or Sales Options
We have three options to consider depending on your interior plant needs.

1) Purchase all your plants and containers;
2) Rent all your plants and containers or
3) Rent all your plants and buy all your containers.

Included in your free no obligation quote will be a breakdown of the cost of each of these three options for your review and consideration. Each rental and/or sales option comes with our guaranteed weekly plant maintenance (as described above).

Plant Replacement Insurance
For a small monthly fee, you can purchase plant replacement insurance and if one of your purchased plants loses its decorative value we will replace it at no additional cost to you. (If you are renting your plants, per your rental agreement, a plant that has lost its decorative value will automatically be replaced for free with the same plant or one of like value.)

Christmas Decorations
We provide decorating services for the Christmas season beginning the weekend after Thanksgiving and ending the week of New Year’s. Please visit our Holidays/Special Events page for more details and to view our holiday portfolio.

Artificial (Silk) Plants
We offer a full line of silk plants and trees for purchase. We can also provide regular cleaning for your existing or purchased silk plants.

House/Business Calls
Do the plants you currently have in your home or business need some attention and care? If so, call us for an appointment and we will be happy to service your indoor plants and trees, which will include us cleaning, pruning and fertilizing them. Our labor rate is $65.00 per hour. Additional charges will apply if any extra supplies or services are needed.

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